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    About the Company

    Matthew David Hurtado

    is the CEO of Network Holdings LLC.  He has been involved in fitness and health supplements since the age of 15 years old, when he first fell in love with bodybuilding.  Matthew has overcome an eating-disorder, Lyme’s disease with chronic fatigue syndrome, and PTSD, as well as having endured the financial strains of illness. After becoming successful in several different ventures and running the operations of companies doing millions-of-dollars in sales, Matthew noticed things he didn’t like about the supplement industry.  One common denominator and theme kept showing up — most health-supplement companies source inferior ingredients containing toxins and sell their product for thousands of times the actual cost of producing the product to the end consumer.  To make matters worst, many of the most successful supplements are sold via the endorsement of some doctor or health guru directly tied into the profits of the company.

    In 2013, Matthew decided  that it was time to invest his own money and time into researching and developing a brand of products that he would feel safe having his own kids use.  This meant that ultra-pure ingredients and world-class manufacturing would have to be the backbone of the company, and cutting-edge science and innovative thinking would be employed to make these products affordable.  After hiring an elite staff of advisors, Matthew’s dream became realized with the birth of Complete Ascentials in April of 2014.

    Matthew enjoys playing guitar, spending time with his family, and his work is his passion.

    Sabrina Hurtado

    is the Director of Operations for Network Holdings LLC.  Sabrina graduated from the University of Whitewater, WI with degrees in marketing and organizational communications.   Sabrina is a professional mom, too!

    Sabrina grew up in rural Wisconsin on a farm and learned the value of being real and genuine.  She cares about people and dedicates herself to being the best at any task set in front of her.  Sabrina’s authentic ability to connect with others and provide an atmosphere of surety and trust gets carried down into the operations she manages.

    Sabrina enjoys bee-keeping, gardening, having animals, and being outside.  With what seems like virtual ease, Sabrina has a way of keeping things all together and enjoys taking care of the needs of so many.  In short, Sabrina is a Rock-Star in many arenas!

    Our Mission


    Your well-being is an investment that can produce the highest return in value for you and your loved ones.


    Complete Ascentials Kits are a leading-edge, boutique Advanced Nutraceuticals solution designed to take the guesswork out of supporting well-being and vitality at the cellular level.


    We source only ultra-pure ingredients and use only world-class manufacturing done in strict cGMP compliance. When every dollar counts and only the best will do, we invite you to explore Complete Ascentials™ and FEEL the difference!

    You may reach us by phone between the hours of, M-F, 9am-4pm CST

    1- 888-550-8231


    Mailing address:
    Network Holdings
    719A N 5th St Sheboygan WI 53081