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      David M’s Testimonial – Unedited from Email…

      David M’s Testimonial – Unedited from Email…

      Heres a written testimonial (UNEDITED; sent “as is” from email):

      I had serve depression, I was overweight and tired,  I started my 15 week transformation, I took DNA evolve for my brain recovery, combat orange for my body with Long game for body & recovery , Armour Trim for Fat loss,  and I trained 4-6 times a week brazilian jiujitsu, including a 16hr intemitent fasting with a 8 hr eating window.

      I lost 15 kg in 15 weeks.  check out my picture attached. My change in mood from the DNA evolve was the key to my brain recovery even when doctors said to go on antidepressent tablets i refused to as I knew my mind just needed a nature solution to repair itself.

      Thank you to creators of DNA evolve and the team at Complete Ascentials. I also drank so much water from frequency H20 which allowed my body the right hydration and nature minerals i needed with no fluoride !  this combined with the Complete Ascentials products put my body into over drive.

      David used:

      DNA Evolve – http://www.RNAEVOLVE.com

      Combat Orange, Armor Trim – http://www.CombatOrange.com

      (To learn more about Intermittent Fasting, Join FREE at): http://www.SPECOP8.com

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