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      Discover The Power Within – Lorrie Rivers


      Discover The Power Within – August 14, 2014

      The Healing Codes, A’LON, and Living From Inspiration… With Guest, Lorrie Rivers. 

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      Lorrie is an inspirational speaker and coach.  She first began consciously interacting with A’lon, a group of high-vibration, non-physical teachers in 2004 and has been speaking their wisdom and insight with clients and groups all over the world ever since.  Her joy is to play with A’lon and with those of YOU who are dedicated to creating a life of your own predictable miracles in which you can grow and explore prosperity, love, fulfillment, and anything you desire in a joyful, loving way.  


      Other info:


      Personally trained and mentored by Dr. Alex Loyd, founder of The Healing Codes and by Dr. Ben Johnson (from the movie The Secret ).   Charter coach/practitioner with The Healing Codes. Clients in the US, Canada, the UK, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, and all over the world.   Consulted by a wide range of people such as Buddhist nuns and monks, medical doctors, business owners, psychiatrists, lawyers, stay at home mothers, police officers, and many, many others for guidance and healing.   Contributed to the book “Wake Up…Live the Life you Love:   Purpose” with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. Currently working on a book of her own.  


      Lorrie also spends her time performing, writing songs, acting, directing, writing, and traveling. She has a new album coming out in November, “Hey Moon!” and will be on tour promoting the album starting in Sept.  Additionally, she is starring in a movie, Swallows Light which begins filming in November.  To learn more about her other projects, you can click here.  Lorrie finds that even with all these activities, she lives a very balanced, fulfilled, abundant, and joyful life full of love and passion!   

      And she thanks you deeply for the part you play in this joyful co-creation.


      Music website:  www.lorrierivers.com 

      A’lon website:  Alon.guru

      Coaching website:  www.livingfrominspiration.com


      Experience the clarity, practicality & inspiration offered by A’lon, a group of evolved, non-physical teachers, spoken through Lorrie. They will answer your questions & guide you to a clear connection with your wise, powerful, true self. Bring your questions. Nothing is off limits.