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    Do THIS! End EMOTIONAL EATING, by Tonight!

    Do THIS! End EMOTIONAL EATING, by Tonight!

    Matthew David Hurtado is the CEO of Complete Ascentials. Visit https://completeascentials.com/ and get The Ultimate Blue-Print to Perfect Health! Exclusive boutique wellness solutions.

    KEY #1 – Nutrition and Supplementation. It’s not an option in a world where food is void of critical nutrients – it’s mandatory. Your body requires minerals and vitamins every single day to function properly. If you are lacking these, you may “STARVE” to death and be OVERFED at the same time; this leads to obesity and disease.
    https://completeascentials.com/ ** The CORE Ascentials Kit will cover your bases! **

    KEY #2 – NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) was made famous by Richard Bandler. You can access ‘resource states’ of being and activate different neural pathways in your brain.

    KEY #3 – GERMAN NEW MEDICINE, developed by the discoveries of Dr. Hamer. One of the most outstanding tools I’ve discovered in my arsenal of self-healing strategies. http://www.GermanNewMedicine.Ca

    KEY #4 – I recommend reading the book, Brain Over Binge, by Kathryn Hansen. Also, it may be worth exploring The Movie Director Technique, at http://www.BeatingFoodAddiction.com.

    KEY #5 – ADT (known as “Havening”) was a rapid SOLUTION to the underlying TRAUMA that caused me to EMOTIONAL EAT. It only took one night of several rounds to CLEAR the urges! Here’s more info:

    Matthew’s #1 Amazon BestSelling Book, ALLOW – Mastering The Law of Least Effort to Receive Your Desires! Pick up a FREE digital copy here (and change your life!) http://www.ALLOW.ws

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