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    How to Fast-Track Your LUPUS Healing Journey…

    How to Fast-Track Your LUPUS Healing Journey…

    I’m a big proponent of mind-body awareness.  I healed myself of 3 eating disorders, PTSD, and bedridden Lyme disease.  Taking only a “nutritional” or “medical” model perspective did NOT work for me, at all.

    The model I use — called the ultimate blue-print — is below…


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    Mind (Psyche) recommendation:


    Explore GERMAN NEW MEDICINE.  The work of Dr. Hamer.  The following conflicts are present in LUPUS, according to GMN:

    1. Conflict of Devaluation.
    2. Conflict of “Soiling” (Physical, Emotional).  *Dirty*
    3. Conflict of Kidney (Abandonment, Survival, Existence).
    4. Conflict in relationship to the body part/organ affected.

    My experience is that if you DOWNPLAY THE “EMOTIONAL SHOCK” and CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION of ‘what happened’ as you are triggered (emotionally) from past ‘tracks’ — you can escape the conflict process triggering the illness.

    Each conflict in German New Medicine refers to an “unexpected emotional shock” you experienced that caught you off guard.

    Emotional recommendation:

    Learn Box Breathing…


    Body recommendation:

    *Vitamin D3 (10,000 i.u. for 30 days; 5,000 i.u. thereafter)

    *Bone Broth (heal the stomach, digestion).

    *Complete Ascentials CORE Ascentials Kit (get your essential vitamins and minerals in the highest absorption):



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    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure disease.  Not to be misconstrued as medical advice.