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      Finally, A Whole Food Multi-Vitamin You Can Rely Upon

      Finally, A Whole Food Multi-Vitamin You Can Rely Upon For Superior Quality, Guaranteed Potency, and Delivering The Right Nutrients With Maximum Absorption… Safe For Adults and Children!

      In 2008, when I became very ill, struggling to save my life and completely confused about how to restore my health, virtually every supplement I bought made me feel worse.  What I discovered is that when a person is weakened by illness, chemical sensitivities can be triggered by the poor quality of nutrients used in most brands – most supplements contain poor combinations of ingredients and are flat-out garbage for your body.  A waste of money and even toxic, if I might add…

      Most Supplement Outfits Are Taught To Sell Toxic-Garbage.

      In 2010 I owned and operated a franchise nutrition store.  The selections to choose from were vast and would confuse almost anyone.  My opinion is that these stores survive from a few key products that yield the highest profit margins.  Unfortunately, if a sick person walks in… like I did many times in my journey to recovery… the person behind the counter has been trained to sell the profitable product, convincing you that this is the highest quality and logical choice.  Needless to say, I became fed-up with owning a nutrition store with enormous overhead expenses that relied upon the sales of inferior products to meet the monthly bills.  We stocked the superior brands, and a few people were convinced to upgrade and experience the benefits – yet the million-dollar challenge was in providing an affordable product that contained maximum quality.  Not many of these products exist today.  My retail business did not do well financially as I was too conflicted to sell the “cheap” marked-up crap and often times I’d lose the sale all-together by trying to convince a customer of the value of paying more for a higher quality supplement.


      People Are Burned, Time-and-Time Again… With Empty Promises and Afraid to Invest In Supporting Their Well-Being, For a Good Reason:

      What I discovered is that most people literally had too much on their plate, were used to not getting much benefit from their supplements, and were too afraid of investing in their well-being due to being burned so many times by empty promises, hype, and inferior (toxic) products.  It was a scary proposition to part with their hard-earned dollars for expensive alternatives that may have been beneficial and produced results.

      I always thought…

      There had to be a way to find the very best, comprehensive nutritional support at an affordable price… I was destined to discover it, years later – Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin from Complete Ascentials™, infused with AscentialFulvic™, is the cornerstone foundational product I was looking for.  Not just for me, but for my entire family.  I’ll explain, but first let me tell you more bad news:


      The Problem With The Unregulated Supplement Industry Is That It Allows Predators To Run Amuck… at The Expense of People’s Trust and Well-Being.

      Most supplements are created for profit, hype, and not feasible for producing any real benefit to the body.  The industry is vastly unregulated, most raw ingredients are imported from China (sometimes tainted with toxic substances), and products are sold for 1000’s of times the original cost of manufacturing them.  The bottom line is that formulating a pure and effective nutritional supplement is no simple task.  The task is extremely complex and requires a huge amount of knowledge and consideration to details, not to mention costs involved.


      A 75% Chance That Your Multi-Vitamin is A Toxic Poison Masquerading As A Health Supplement…?

      Over half of ALL vitamin products do not even dissolve on time to be of any use to the body.  A study that was published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association found that only around 25 out of 100 supplement products are both effective and nontoxic.  Not only are most supplements a waste of money, they are actually a poison to the body.


      Enough is enough.  Enter the “Gold Standard” you’ve been looking for… that meets price and quality scrutiny, not to mention the tough taste-appeal required by most children!  Did I mention the fact that it’s a liquid Ionic-formula with near-100% absorption and is easy to stomach and digest?  I’ll get to that in a moment.


      Complete Ascentials™ Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin Is Our “Gold-Standard” Formulation For Covering The U.S. RDA Requirements Of Children and Adults… in A Tasteful and Simple Way.

      Complete Ascentials™ Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin is a blend of whole foods, cherry juice, and honey, in a base of certified aloe vera juice.  This leading-edge Multi-Vitamin is designed to provide your body with the vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes required to meet all your daily RDA requirements in a safe, nontoxic, and supremely absorbable way – nearly 100% absorbable and it tastes pleasantly delicious!


      Complete Ascentials™ Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin is dubbed as “Beyond” because it also includes AsentialFulvic™ — clinically-tested, CHD Fulvic-Acid in a base of water energized with 6 Ancient Solfeggio Tones, including the 528Hz (called the ‘LOVE’ frequency by Dr. Len Horowitz) frequency being used by biochemists to study for its potential with DNA repair.


      Let’s Look Under The Hood and See What Drives This Breakthrough, Ultra-Pure, Complete Ascentials™ Multi-Vitamin’s Near-100% Cellular-Delivery System… and Why It Boasts of Flavor and Ease on The Stomach:

      • Whole foods from 10 species of seaweed and sea vegetables (nature’s perfect food) providing a variety of potential health benefits including anti-oxidant and nutrient-rich compounds.

      • Clinically-tested CHD Fulvic-Acid enhances the absorption of nutrients, and has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial properties.

      • Aloe Vera juice providing a vast array of digestive enzymes that assist the body in assimilating nutrients.

      • Honey provides B-complex vitamins and has energizing properties.

      • Wild cherries provide a pleasing flavor and a plethora of anti-oxidants.

      • Eleuthero provides an energy boost without the downside-‘crash’ often occurring with Caffeine use.

      • 6 Ancient Solfeggio tones energized into the water for a potential added value, including the 528Hz ‘LOVE’ frequency – as outlined by Dr. Len Horowitz in his book, The Healing Codes For the Biological Apocalypse.


       A World-Class Formulation – The Only Thing Better Than its Quality Is Its Affordable Price.

      The ultimate satisfaction I have in offering Complete Ascentials™ Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin is its SUPERIORITY and AFFORDABLE-PRICE!  The riddle of producing a world-class, effective in delivering top-quality nutrients, and cGMP certified “nontoxic” solution for children and adults to benefit from, has been solved.  Enjoy this product as a stand-alone solution to meet 100% of your daily RDA requirements, or combine it with a Complete Ascentials™ Kit for maximum potential benefits.


      Complete Support For Your Cells Is Available In Our Complete Ascentials™ Core Ascential Kit:

      Combine Complete Ascentials™ Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin with our Electrolyte PRO and Magnesium by purchasing our ‘Core Ascential Kit’, supporting the body with an Ionic-sized, nearly 100% absorbable, Complete Kit featuring 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, in every daily serving.  This is a foundation that we believe is an excellent starting place for achieving and/or maintaining optimal well being without the guesswork.  This kit offers a substantial savings and a plethora of value with the highest bioavailable minerals and whole food sourced multi-vitamins.  Each individual formula is infused with our proprietary AscentialFulvic™ and this kit is designed to provide a simple and effective solution to address deficiency and toxicity at the cellular level – The Complete Ascentials™ Core Ascential Kit.

      Maximize Your Benefits by Adding Our Complete Ascentials™ RNA Ascential Kit:

      To experience maximum benefit from Complete Ascentials™ Magnesium, also consider adding our ‘RNA Ascential Kit’.  RNA influences DNA and our Complete Ascentials™ RNA Drops and RNA Spray may assist the body in supporting human potential at the cellular level with Holoresonant, Pharmaceutical-Grade, M-State Advanced Minerals in a Pharmaceutical-Grade Custom Probiotic Matrix that is unlike anything out there.  We take our quality and research and development seriously, bringing forth what we believe to be the highest standard in product-excellence when it comes to supporting Human Potential and Well-Being.  Experience Complete Ascentials™ RNA DROPS with RNA Spray and feel the difference!

      ** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Complete Ascentials products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure disease.