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      How to Take Our Products

      Electrolyte PRO, Magnesium, and Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin:

      The recommended daily serving amounts are on each label. Store in the refrigerator after you open each bottle. Consume with a dilution in juice/water. Taking these with food is recommended,
      too.  Here are a few paragraphs from the research studies done on CHD fulvic-acid:


      When comparing the wheal measurement, which is an inflammatory response to an allergen, it was demonstrated that there is a significant difference between the fulvic acid and placebo, when adjusting for baseline and when on fulvic acid, the wheal measurements had significantly decreased. Hereby proving that carbohydrate derived fulvic acid can be applied as an anti- inflammatory agent. `

      Side effects

      The only side effects that were really noteworthy was that of diarrhea, headache and a burnt or sore throat, which can all probably be attributed to the low pH of the CHD-FA administered orally,
      (for dosing purposes manufacturer recommends dilution in juice/water). The majority of these side effects occurred after the ingestion of the upper limit dosage of fulvic acid, namely 40ml
      twice a day. These side effects were not significant, considering the amount of dosages of fulvic acid ingested and the amount of participants taking part in the trial. Most of these side effects subsided after a short period of time or after the ingestion of food.


      No severe adverse events occurred, proving CHD-FA to be safe at the dosage tested, and with a significant decrease in wheal formation in the skin prick test, that it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. With all the data from previous toxicity studies it can be stated with confidence that a daily dose of 15ml CHD-FA diluted in water/juice, as recommended by the manufacturer, can be used safely for extended time periods.

      Please notice in ‘side effects’ these words, “for dosing purposes manufacturer recommends dilution in juice/water.”


      Personally I consume my formulas with organic apple juice before I eat, twice daily. Using these formulas with CHD fulvic-acid has had powerful effects reducing my former symptoms of allergic
      rhinitis, allowing for much better breathing through my nasal passages. My allergies have decreased with reduced inflammation in my sinuses.

      Here is the link for you to read the research papers on CHD clinically-tested fulvic-acid:




      3 sprays per dosage, under your tongue on an empty stomach, at least 30-minutes apart from food or drink. Repeat the dosage 3 times each day. Follow this regimen for 5 days and then take 2 days off each week. You naturally “cycle” on-and-off like this during each week.  Every 3 months take a 1 month break.  Store at room temperature.

      Here is a link for more information about our RNA SPRAY:

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