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Is There A Reason Why Most People Suddenly Gain Weight and Can't Get It Off? I recently explored an unspoken possibility of WHY there are "sudden" moments in a person's life when they gain weight -- making it almost impossible to get off. Here are the links for the video below: Click Here to See The CORE Ascential Kit (72 Essential Minerals and Whole Food Based Nutrition). Click Here to See The FEMALE Hormone Optimization Support Kit. Click Here to See THe MALE Hormone Optimization Support Kit. Get Your Body Jump-Started Towards Slim and Sexy for Summer! Watch Below: https://vimeo.com/270420266/c148181213   * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Complete Ascentials products are not intended to prevent, diganose, cure or treat diease.  Results...

Lyme’s Disease and Incurable Illness?

  Advanced Cell Training:  an Alternative Therapy You Never Heard About. Doing home sessions with ACT was pivotal in my success in overcoming chronic illness.  I used a comprehensive approach with nutraceuticals, ACT, and other methods in my book, How I Broke The Spine of My Chronic Illness!     * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Not intended to treat, prevent, diagnose or cure disease.  Results may vary.

Male Enhancement With VapoTropin

DISCOVER WHY SEXUAL ENERGY MAY BE DIRECTLY RELATED TO M.O.N.E.Y., AND HOW VAPOTROPIN RISES TO THE OCCASION TO SUPPORT INCREASED SIZE, RIGIDITY, STAMINA, AND MALE POTENCY! The bedroom is the worst place to suffer emotional distress… This email is for men only. Please be warned: the content is graphic and for mature eyes only! Women, please do NOT read this material.   YOUR ‘UNCONCIOUS MIND’ IS YOUR BODY.  IT IS ALWAYS KEEPING SCORE: Not being able to satisfy his partner is every man’s worst fear. Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us during stressful times. A series of unexpected bills, stress, arguments, or mental conflict, will kill sex-drive dead in its tracks. Remember the last time you had a fight with your partner about…

Get Rid of Pain Fast?

Got Pain Relief?  Help Is On The Way… Coming, in August 2014: (formerly called PLACEBO ENHANCER) Back Into Action!  Pain relieving spray… The American way is to “get back into action!” We don’t stop our lives for pain… We push through it. At last, there is a topically-applied magnesium breakthrough, called BACK INTO ACTION. Rave reviews for this product came in droves back in early 2013, when it launched under the name “Placebo Enhancer.” Coming soon… Advancements in this formula have been made, bringing forth more convenience while maintaining the affordability of this magical pain-relieving spray. Feel free to watch the presentation below, or listen to the Jeff Rense radio interview featuring Dr. Walters, innovator and creator of this unique formulation. Got pain? Get BACK…

Finally, A Whole Food Multi-Vitamin You Can Rely Upon

Finally, A Whole Food Multi-Vitamin You Can Rely Upon For Superior Quality, Guaranteed Potency, and Delivering The Right Nutrients With Maximum Absorption… Safe For Adults and Children! In 2008, when I became very ill, struggling to save my life and completely confused about how to restore my health, virtually every supplement I bought made me feel worse.  What I discovered is that when a person is weakened by illness, chemical sensitivities can be triggered by the poor quality of nutrients used in most brands – most supplements contain poor combinations of ingredients and are flat-out garbage for your body.  A waste of money and even toxic, if I might add… Most Supplement Outfits Are Taught To Sell Toxic-Garbage. In 2010 I owned and operated a franchise nutrition store....
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