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      “Secrets of Intermittent Fasting, OMAD, and Weight-Loss!”

      How to Lose Weight FAST, Without Starving Yourself!

      Matthew David Hurtado, CEO of Complete Ascentials.  Get THE ULTIMATE BLUE-PRINT TO PERFECT HEALTH, at http://www.CompleteAscentials.com

      Tip #1:  Avoid deficiencies!  Literally, you could be starving to death and overfed.  This will make you hoard fat.  Your body has a starvation conflict and will trigger the BINGE (old brain) urge, if you try and “diet” an already starved body.

      Solution:  Get Ionic, angstrom (sized) minerals — a complete spectrum, called The Core Ascentials Kit:  http://www.CompleteAscentials.com

      Binging?  Check out, http://www.BeatingFoodAddiction.com.  At the very least, get the book ‘Brain Over Binge’.  You can YouTube it and see several reviews.

      Tip #2:  Check out AFTER BURN COMPLETE:  http://www.CompleteAscentials.com Homeopathic, Dr. Developed – It Works!  Again — it’s a supplement, not a “magic wand”.

      I put these tips in order — this is HOW I LOST ALMOST 30 LBS. OF FAT AND KEPT STRONG, HEALTHY, AND MANIFESTED MY “DREAM BODY”.  It took me 4 months… Maybe 5.

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