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      Never Suffer From Fibromyalgia Pain Again…



      Years ago, I worked with a nutritionist who overcame a 5-year bed-bound sentence of Fibromyalgia within 4-hours of session time — doing a “belief clearing” process. She told me, “Matthew, you CAN heal and never suffer from Fibromyalgia pain again!”

      When I came to her, I had severe pain in my muscles and spine, primarily. The fatigue was off the charts. Anxiety was my constant companion. As we unraveled the process, and looking back on things — years later, symptom free — here’s what I found that worked, tremendously well:

      The Lightning Process – Phil Parker’s “self-coaching” breakthrough technique. I did this process for the fatigue; what a miracle! Seriously. For me, it was magic.

      Mickey Therapy & Reverse Therapy: 3 Keys to Health!

      1. Having boundaries with loving disallowance.

      2. Putting yourself 1st.

      3. Being assertive, in the moment — speaking how you feel!

      Get Dr. David Mickel’s book, it can be found online. He discusses how he helps people overcome Fibromyalgia, ME, CFS with these 3 keys. Each time you break these keys, (i.e., allowing someone to overstep your boundaries; not speaking your truth.. like when someone pisses you off and you don’t tell them how you felt – in the moment they said it… and; putting everyone else’s needs before your own — you will express SYMPTOMS!!

      German New Medicine – to complete my self-healing journey, I’ve used this astoundingly accurate “new medicine” approach to viewing and interpreting symptoms, microbes, viruses, etc. I personally work with Ilsedora Laker when troubles arise. You can watch her video explanation of German New Medicine here:

      Complete Ascentials Ionic, Angstrom MAGNESIUM & BACK INTO ACTION (pain spray): http://www.CompleteAscentials.com.

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