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      How I Overcame PTSD, Panic, Anxiety – For Good!

      How I Overcame PTSD, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks – For Good!

      In 2008 I was in the midst of a ‘demonic attack’ according to my peers.  I was involved with a Christian-based business as a sales rep when it all began – the sudden onset of panic attacks and acute anxiety.

      Within a couple weeks I became agoraphobic.  My boss used to tell me I was the best sales-person he knew, so he found it feasible in his schedule to come and literally walk me out of my house so I could come to work.  The only issue was that I’d leave the sales floor running for the bathroom to hide in the stall, at any random moment.  What a wreck!  My life was a nightmare. 


      Anyone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks knows this story all too well.  PTSD is another animal altogether.  Some of the things that helped me a great deal were:  The Linden Method, chamomile tea, and playing music.

      Did these things cure me?  Unfortunately not.  At a later time, approximately a year later, I found out that there was an underlying issue – Lyme’s disease.

      More on that subject another time… Yet I will give one recommendation for Lyme’s disease:  Advanced Cell Training.  Gary Blier has helped more people than anyone else I know with this condition.  I enrolled in his program and found a great deal of benefit.  You can do it from home, it’s easy.

      Back to the story…

      Fortunately, all this misery came to an end – every last bit of it.  In 2014, the last remaining vestige of PTSD was wiped away.  Believe it or not, the PTSD was the hardest issue to completely banish.

      Let me tell you how I personally found the permanent solution for my own night-eating syndrome (I also overcame bulimia and night-eating-syndrome), triggered by PTSD and anxiety… While also destroying the entire dis-ease all in one shot — here are the tools I used:

      1.  Magnesium and Electrolytes.  Almost every disease has its root in a mineral deficiency.
      2.  RNA DROPS.  Our Advanced M-States have been clinically tested, and THESE helped me the most with PTSD.
      3.  The Release Technique.  Attending a retreat with Larry Crane was one of the best decisions I’ve made.
      4.  The Healing Codes.  My good friend, Lorrie Rivers, turned me on to Dr. Alex Lloyd’s work several years ago.
        Every person has their own unique set of circumstances and nothing works for everyone, yet there are some foundational things worth noting here:
        1.  Supporting the body with what it requires:  all the products I used are available on our website.  Each one of them contains one common-denominator – 100% absorbable minerals.
        2.  The underlying issue I found with Lyme’s disease, PTSD, anxiety, bulimia, night-eating, and panic attacks was “acute” anxiety.  Fear.  I believe fear is the fountain of disease.  Removing fear, with any method or technique that helps you, is critical to restoring proper immune function.
        3.  It says in the Bible, ‘Let the weak SAY, I am strong…”  Or, something along those lines.  Speak of well-being only.  People who get well talk about where they are going, and people who remain bound by their illnesses usually talk about what they are going through.  Just an observation.

        ** Keep in mind that my experience does not translate into a universal approach for everyone.  No product or service I recommend can be guaranteed to work or to heal, cure, prevent, or treat any disease.  Only your Medical Doctor is qualified to treat any disease process or malady you may have.  The opinions stated on this page are merely a viewpoint that I share and do not reflect the experiences of any other customers.  We do not feature testominials and/or encourage the use of claims about products.