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      Perception and The Mind-Body Connection

      It’s not what happens to you that matters.  It’s your state-of-being that matters!

      Parallel Universes and State of Being…

      According to quantum theory, our physical bodies are like ‘motes of dust that flicker in and out of existence’. I believe that we chose planet Earth to have physical experiences. In fact, science now reveals that your experience of a body and the planet are subjective to your holographic ‘delusion’ of physical reality. But then again, everything IS physical too…?  So what’s really going on?


      I’m not here to make you brain fluffy or indulge in genius-shrimp-cocktail to entice you to “change,” either. In fact, “change” was used so much in the 2008 election that it no longer holds any meaning. So, instead of focusing on the Hope of the new Jimmy Carter, let’s trade that in for a plan.


      Decoding The Mind-Body Dis-ease:
      According to Mickel-Therapy, which focuses on the mind-body connection, there are three keys to health:


      1. Putting yourself first
      2. Speaking your truth (asserting your feelings)
      3. Having boundaries (with loving disallowance)


      An example of a mind-body disorder would be something like Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. By examining these keys above and decoding the sufferer’s BEHAVIOR, an astonishing recovery rate has been reported by Dr. David Mickel. I have come to realize that many ailments are BEHAVIORAL in their ‘DNA’ so to speak… a person has rubbed against conflicting beliefs with his or her actions. Or, the person has violated 1 or more of the keys above. Over time, the sensations in the body gradually increase to bring attention to a disorder.


      Circumstances Do Not Matter, Only State of Being Matters!

      Back to our study of quantum reality… it’s not what happens to you, but how you respond to things is what matters! Let me give you an example:


      A person loses their job and home, through a series of what they feel are ‘bad mistakes’. Soon after, the person develops an illness and is given a diagnosis that induces a great deal of fear. This type of scenario compounds the problems and makes them 1,000 times worst! Now, the person is on the downward spiral of declining wellbeing like a Prodigal Son – forfeiting their power.


      Dr. Hamer’s work, called German New Medicine, would argue that this individual had a DHS (conflict) and the illness set in after the resolution of the conflict. My experience with GNM (German New Medicine) is that it is almost eery in its accuracy. If you look at the common denominator or triggering system, you discover it’s all in the INTERPRETATION a person surmises. You see if you believe that the loss of a house and job represent the end of your existence, that is a huge shock. However, if you believe ‘only good can come to you’… this same situation becomes an opportunity for improvement!


      Now, cross reference this knowledge with Serge Kahili King’s work in his book, INSTANT HEALING. Serge discovered that the common denominator in all healing is relaxation. In other words, all forms of body manipulation (or other method used) are means by which to relax the person and allow the body’s wisdom to take over.


      The Mind’s Interpretation of DANGER Vs. The Mind’s Interpretation of Joy?

      Again, it’s not circumstances that matter — only state of being matters!

      Dr. Mike Murdock has this definition of joy: the reward for discerning the divine blessing in each moment.


      You can see that Dr. Murdock understands this wisdom very well. Now what if all the financial chaos and government tyranny messages had no effect on your state of being? Instead of feeling adrenalin course through your veins when Alex Jones warns you ‘the end is near’ and Dr. Michael Savage confirms we’ve lost ‘Murica to illegals… what if… what if… you remained in your center? What if you could avoid these DHS conflicts and allow your immune system to remain uncompromised by acute and chronic stress?


      The prescription is simple: joy is the reward for discerning the divine blessing in each moment. Joy is also written about in the Bible as being ‘health to the bones’. My strategy has been to SPEAK truth in the face of adversity. It’s only my mind that perceives the adversity, anyhow. So I remain mentally focused IN MY SPINE, strengthening the weakness in thought (Dr. Yuen’s work) by running it up and down my spine. For example; the bill comes due, and the funds are tight. I notice this weakens me! In other words, it is on the brink of creating a conflict… creating internal stress… So I strengthen the thought in the way I just described. Next, I speak what I desire – “money flows freely and easily to me now, and I always have plenty to spare and share.”


      By doing this simple process, like a seasoned musician I can stay ‘behind the beat,’ collapsing potential conflict-triggers. No matter what technique you choose to use, you want to stay in a NEUTRAL state-of-being. Not getting excited if your ship comes in or getting worked up if you lose the promotion, is the way of non-resistance. Non-resistance to “what is” allows you to find the JOY in each moment, whereas wanting and pushing against circumstances becomes conflicts and internal stress.


      There is a lot of material here in this email to digest fully, but it’s well worth the effort to grasp the message!

      Till next time… stay classy and stay well!


      Matthew David Hurtado
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      * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure disease.