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      Back Into Action

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      Don’t Be Stranded On The Sidelines With Pain.. Get BACK INTO ACTION…

      “After Eighteen Years of Misery, an Epiphany Compelled Dr. Walters to Experiment with “Frequencies” On His Broken Neck… At Last, Understanding How to Beat His Chronic Pain Without Dangerous Drugs – For Good.”

      Dear colleague,

      The side-effects of long-term use of pain medicine can be deadly. Nobody understands this better than Dr. Walters. Eighteen years of being bedridden with a broken neck destroyed his quality of life.

      The Man Who Became A Doctor Himself After Over 100 Doctors Failed To Relieve His Pain…

      Dr. Walters visited over one-hundred doctors during the course of those eighteen years. Every time he was let down again, only to resort to using harmful pain medication to mask the pain. His liver began to give out, and he was forced to stop the medication and reduced to a diet of apples and water. His family was his last compelling reason to endure those arduous years of struggle… Suffering from pain so intense he would black-out and vomit. Daily.


      Dr. Walters Gave Up Drugs and Began Looking In A Fascinating New Direction… Using Quantum Physics and His Background In Engineering:

      Look, if you have pain, you already know; pain robs more quality of life than anything else on this planet. The usual answer to pain is drugs. These drugs are often far worse than the pain! In Dr. Walters’ case; he almost lost his liver… which would have cost him his life.

      Fortunately, in just the nick of time… Dr. Walters’ discovered a revolutionary approach to addressing pain — an approach that has brought relief to thousands of people worldwide. It all occurred to him one day in meditation, ‘if I can get the frequency of a healthy neck into my broken neck, I can heal my neck!”

      It worked.


      Jeff Rense Raved About Dr. Walters’ Product, formerly called Placebo Enhancer, During Their Interview – Get The Complete Story Below: (listen to the audio)

      Who Is Dr. Walters and Why Should You Listen to Him If You Have Pain?

      People who know Dr. Walters swear that he is a ‘miracle-worker’ and he claims to do nothing. He believes God gave him a second chance. Through understanding ‘frequencies’ and applied Quantum Physics with energy; Dr. Walters was restored to perfect wellbeing.

      Years later, he developed a formula that restored his knees that were bone-on-bone — the exact formula found in BACK INTO ACTION!


      What Other Options Are Available? …Do They Take Too Long to Work, Don’t Work At All, or Destroy Your Body?

      • Drugs: 

      • Herbals:

      • Acupuncture:

      • Energy Healing:

      • Positive Thinking:

      • Suffering Through The Pain: