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    Shipping Information & Policies


    Our shipping policy is that we will process and ship your order within 72 hours of receiving your order, unless we are back-ordered. If any circumstance comes up where we cannot send your product within the stated 72 hours, we will let you know within 24 hours of receiving your purchase order.

    For all domestic & international orders, we reserve the right to ship your order in the most appropriate way, selecting our carrier of choice, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. If you require USPS or UPS based upon your specific address, please specify this in the shopping cart. If we need to make an adjustment to your shipping price to fulfill this request, we will contact you to get your authorization prior to sending your order.


    Please allow up to 2 weeks for all domestic orders to arrive to your chosen destination. This timing allow for holidays, weekends, storm delays and most other eventualities. If you have not received your purchase within 14 days of ordering your product(s), go to the CONTACT US page. We will do our best to resolve this issue and resend your order immediately. Typically your order will arrive within one week or less if you are purchasing anywhere in the United States. We also reserve the right to add “insurance” to your package, and this price will be already included in your shipping fees upon checking out in the cart online.


    International orders may require longer to process through customs, please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your order if you are purchasing anywhere outside the United States. Your order will be processed and shipped within 72 hours, unless an exception is made (you will be notified and contacted if this occurs), yet the arrival of your product will vary depending on your country. Returned orders due to customs refusing clearance will be refunded with a 15% restocking fee, minus shipping. If the items arrive to us damaged and unsalable, we reserve the right to decline a refund. We reserve the right to ship your order using the most appropriate carrier to expedite delivery. If you desire rush shipping, please contact us at 1-888-550-8231 to make an arrangement and pay for your order/shipping over the phone. Or send us an email with your special request at ‘dnaevolve00@gmail.com‘.


    We are not responsible for any product shown as “delivered” and not received due to theft, error, or loss outside of our control. Example: if the product is sent to the appropriate address, and it is stolen out of your mailbox, we are not responsible for the loss of this product. Although this rarely happens, you may also choose to have your package insured against loss or damage by contacting us and upgrading your shipping arrangement and covering the cost of the insurance, which is usually very minimal. To get insurance on your package(s) please call us at 1-888-550-8231 or email ‘dnaevolve00@gmail.com‘. In many cases, we have already placed insurance on packages to protect against loss and damage. However, we reserve the right to make that decision and are not responsible for any loss outside of our control unless it is specified in advance to insure the package you wish to receive.


    In no way, shape, or form do we allow refunds or returns on product that has been delivered to the end customer, unless one of these conditions is met:

    1. The product has not been opened.
    2. The product is not perishable.
    3. The product was delivered damaged. Please take a photograph of the damaged product immediately upon receipt and send to us. Also return the product to us immediately by 2-day/priority mail so we may resolve the matter as quickly as possible. If the product is damaged on arrival, we will not cover shipping costs to send out your new product or reimburse your shipping costs to return the product. However you may have added shipping insurance to your order originally. If the product is damaged, we will not refund any amount, yet we will happily replace the product.

    No perishable product can be returned for an equal exchange, unless agreed upon by our company, based upon the circumstances of the situation. If an order is returned containing any of these products, we will do the following:

    1. If the product is unopened, we may exchange the product if the customer is expecting a different product, or replacement. If there was a mistake on our end, we will cover the extra costs of exchanging the product and absorb all the shipping and packaging expenses. If the product was delivered as ordered, and the customer is requesting an exchange to a different product, then we will exchange this product – minus the extra costs of shipping/packaging – if the product has been unopened. If the product shows up opened and was declared to be an unopened product, then we will not honor the exchange and the customer is responsible to pay for the product to be returned to them again “as is” and is responsible for all further expenses to obtain a new product.
    2. if the product returned is opened, and was declared damaged, we will exchange this product – minus the extra expenses of shipping and handling/processing, unless insurance was added to this package prior to receiving it. We determine the price of shipping, handling, and processing for each package and our pricing is congruent with all sales online at the current timing of the exchange or return. We will NOT refund any product that has been opened. No exceptions.

    All exchanges must be sent to: Network Holdings LLC, 719A N 5th St, Sheboygan WI 53081 All exchanges must accompany a written or typed letter with the following:

    1. The reason for the exchange.
    2. A picture of the product damage, if applicable.
    3. What is expected in exchange to be offered as a substitute or replacement.
    4. The customer’s full name, telephone number, and address to send the new product.
    5. A payment for the new shipping charges to replace the product via check, money order, or credit card.

    The customer may also call in this transaction or call us to obtain the appropriate pricing for the new transaction at 1-888-550-8231 or email ‘dnaevolve00@gmail.com‘. All returns (non perishable product only) must be sent to the same address with the same conditions met, and product must be unopened.


    If an honest ‘mistake’ on behalf of the customer happens and a charge-back is made, we will contact the customer to resolve the matter immediately and rectify the transaction. We keep all records on our end; IP address, name, credit card or payment info, and proof of product delivery.

    If a dishonest charge-back is made by a customer looking to obtain a free product, we will turn this over to our legal team and handle the matter professionally and promptly. Keep in mind that when a customer submits a charge-back claim that is ‘fraudulent’, the customer is signing under penalty of perjury with their full commercial liability to be held accountable in a court of law, punishable by felony charges and potential jail time. The customer is encouraged to work out this matter with us first as we do keep all records and information of the transaction on file. We will pursue court adjudication if the matter is not resolved promptly and the customer is attempting to gain free merchandise and avoid communication with us.


    We desire to create happy and satisfied customers. Our telephone support is available from 9am – 4 pm CST Monday – Friday, except some holidays and special occasions. Our email support is available during the same hours and sometimes we may respond to emails outside of normal business hours when we find an appropriate reason for an urgent response. However, please read our Help file to understand our policies regarding Customer Questions. Briefly, reading our Terms and Conditions and Knowledge Base before submitting online questions or phoning telephone support.

    Our Customer Service Phone #: 1-888-550-8231
    Our Customer Service Email:  dnaevolve00@gmail.com