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    Still Counting Calories?

    Freedom… Is Throwing Away Your Scale and Paying No Attention To Calories.

    Every day I receive emails about weight-loss. In almost every circumstance, people want to know “how many calories” they should be eating.

    Here’s the thing…

    Calorie counting is ridiculous.

    Can you imagine counting how many breaths you take each day? Many experts agree that it’s more important to breathe properly then count your inhalations and expirations, right?

    The same type of rule is one I have adopted in regards to “eating calories.”

    The quality of calories you eat is more important than keeping score — in fact, I totally disregard thinking of calories altogether.

    Does calorie counting make sense?

    No. You know skinny people who can eat astronomical amounts of food. You also know some people who are afraid to eat food and gain weight at the sight of food, right?

    The real SECRET TO SLIM is to give up dieting, forever.

    When you choose to “diet,” you are reinforcing a program of restriction. Restriction causes the body to want to hoard, or store calories. The famine-program kicks in, causing the metabolism to slow down.

    When you decide to stop calorie counting, you release yourself from the prison of self-sabotage. Instead, what you eat… As well as what time you eat… Make all the difference.

    If you’d like to experiment with a zero-willpower approach to weight-loss, try TURNING-ON your SLIM SWITCH. You’ll be amazed at how liberated you’ll feel. Not to mention, you may feel incredible after only a few days.

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