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      Stressed Out No More!

      Stressed Out No More!

      In the midst of turmoil, there is always a miracle…

      I’ve been through more health challenges than I’d like to admit. Every time I became chronically-ill it seemed as if my life was repeating a pattern — moving me away from something I was ‘stuck’ on. Letting things go. Releasing the worries, fears, and trusting in life again. Was that my life-lesson? Or was it just part of life and the consequences of choices I’ve made?

      Who knows… it’s all speculation at this point.

      I’m not a psychiatrist. A self-examined life is something that is beneficial, only if you can truly learn the lessons. Sometimes it takes a person a few times to get a lesson. It did for me.

      The stakes always get higher as a person ascends…

      Yesterday, I just realized how strong I’ve become: physically; mentally; emotionally. Five years ago I could never handle the amount of stress I’ve created over the past few years. I attribute much of this inner-strength to my daily regimen of minerals, vitamins, and hormone support.

      Most people don’t have enough nutrient support to endure the modern lifestyle. I didn’t find out I had a magnesium deficiency until the last little reserves I had stored up in my cells became entirely depleted…

      This episode in my life is worth mentioning, concerning a hospital visit I had in 2012 due to a prolonged migraine. The doctors put an IV in me with six-different drugs! I should have known better. My body went into shock, and I had to get two hits of Benadryl to attempt to ease the side-effects. My legs didn’t work. I couldn’t stand up on them. This terrifying experience went on for months… I was hospitalized afterward because my heart-tests were abnormal.

      I began taking large quantities of ionic magnesium and electrolytes. Things began improving. I used liquid Zeolite to detox my body of the pharmaceuticals that I believe caused serious damage to my body.

      My physical ‘healing’ came after I visited a homeopathic doctor. She found a remedy, for me it was a gift from God. Within a few hours of taking this remedy, I could feel things shifting in my body. The next day I was using my legs again. My nervous system wasn’t short-circuiting. I continued to improve after taking this remedy. I repeated the dose several times over the next year. Each time my results were increasingly beneficial. I became a firm believer in the power of homeopathic medicine.

      Meanwhile, the bodybuilding company I owned began expanding its line of products – homeopathic, hormone-optimizing formulas were the new phenomenon! Customers were reporting amazing results, with zero side-effects. This new technology became the cornerstone of my focus for product development. We found the results to be more effective than conventional supplements. Even better yet was the fact that we didn’t have to import “cheap and toxic” powders in from China, like most supplement manufacturers do – relying on purely economic reasons for doing so.

      Instead, my company focused on quality, safety, and maximum bioavailability. We found what we believed is the fastest nutrient-transport system into the cells…

      Today, my new company, Complete Ascentials, features the most-advanced formulations I’ve ever experienced. I use these formulas daily to promote and support maximum performance, strength, and vitality.

      I use custom ionic minerals and whole-food based vitamins to replenish my body’s high-demand for nutrient “reserves.” As a post-Lyme’s sufferer, I cannot afford to play roulette with crack-pot health supplements that may be tainted with toxic ingredients. My company therefore uses strict cGMP compliance with only ultra-pure ingredients.

      On paper, it seems to be more expensive to produce high-end products. Application proves otherwise…

      What good is consuming a product that has no value to the body — or is merely a toxin to the body? I found that spending money on poorly-sourced or cheaply-manufactured health supplements was a waste of every dollar spent… While every dollar invested on a quality nutraceutical paid dividends in a greater experience of wellbeing.

      Like many people today, I must sustain rigorous demands, high-level stress, and erratic sleep patterns due to the ever-increasing pressure of modern-day living. I’m not stressing out, however… I believe that my regimen of advanced nutraceuticals, especially the advanced M-State activated minerals (RNA DROPS) and hormone optimizing ‘sprays,’ keep me at my best.

      I invite you to experience the transformation from ‘surviving-to-thriving’ and experience Complete Ascentials. I believe you will also feel the difference!