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      T-SPRAY vs Pro Hormones, Steroid Creme, Herbals, Etc

      T-SPRAY vs. Steroid Gels, Pro Hormones, Injections, Herbals, and More…


      Dear Colleague,

      I’ve invested almost two-decades in the fitness industry and been exposed to virtually every supplement ever developed.  In 2010, I owned a nutrition franchise store in Madison, WI.  The top-selling product lines were the “test” boosters.  It shocked me and it also made me wealthy.

      Developing my own brand at that time was the ‘key’ to a whole new world that opened my mind to some interesting observations.  What I noticed is that FAST and INSTANT gratification (results) is all that people really ‘buy’ into anymore.  It’s sad.  It’s true.  Even at the expense of their own health and well-being, young and older men will poison their bodies with extremely unstable compounds in hopes for the benefits that high testosterone levels provide — incredible sex-drive, bigger and more lean muscles, near-instant recovery time, and a feeling like you can conquer the world.  I found a niche to exploit during this new venture into the bodybuilding world, the “safer” alternative route!  My pro hormone stacks were targeted to beginners who would settle for a more logical approach to supporting muscle building.  We focused on sourcing only mild pro hormone stacks that had the least potential for side-effects.  More and more people came our way to purchase these stacks we developed (my partner and I teamed up and he runs the business now) and word-of-mouth led me to discover Dr. Howard.  This was the birth of a new generation of ideas and product developments for my companies – – we discovered how to do everything better, safer, and MORE potentized with the same “punch” and without the nasty side-effects.

      The story and the review I have to share is within the audio above.  Please note:  my statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  T-Spray is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease.