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      Virtually Everyone Is Magnesium Deficient and It’s A Potential Deadly Mistake

      Virtually Everyone Is Magnesium Deficient and It’s A Potential Deadly Mistake If Left Unchecked Too Long…

      According to the USDA, 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium.  A deficiency in magnesium of such epic proportions is a major contributor to our epidemic of chronic and degenerative disease.  Heart attacks, arrhythmia, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, heart disease, osteoporosis, are just a few widespread health-destroying conditions linked to a potential magnesium deficiency.


      What Does Magnesium Do For You?

      Magnesium is largely responsible for critical metabolic functions such as conversion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats to energy; dilating blood vessels; muscle contraction and relaxation; protein formulation; and removal of toxins from the body.  Magnesium is essential for normal heartbeat and nerve transmission.  When magnesium is lacking, critical jobs can’t get done, and we suffer lower energy, stamina, endurance, and vitality, resulting in a host of diseases.


      How Do We Become So Deficient in Magnesium?

      Magnesium deficiency is exacerbated by poor farming methods, food processing, and a loss of magnesium from our soils.  Other factors include an acid-producing diet and lifestyle.  Sugar, alcohol, caffeine, stress, white flour, soft drinks, and allergic reactions all produce an acidic environment in the body.  Magnesium is used up by the body to buffer and neutralize that acid.  The more acid you produce, the more magnesium is lost.  To make matters worse, the damage done to gut tissue from over-use of antibiotics and toxicity in the body, combined with toxic fluoride in the drinking water and environment, reduces the body’s ability to absorb magnesium.

      Finally, A Solution That Offers A Superior Method of Delivering Magnesium To Your Depleted Body…

      Simply taking a magnesium supplement isn’t the quick-solution for many people who discover they are magnesium deficient.  Although most people only absorb 4-to-30% of their dietary magnesium, the solution they require is usually not found in most health food stores.  Most magnesium supplements are ineffective.  Increased dosages that go beyond the RDA of 300 – 350mg/day to 600 – 700 mg/day in order to meet recommended guidelines by nutritional physicians is often met with diarrhea and an upset stomach.  This further leads to more deficiency in the body’s magnesium stores.  Since most people are magnesium deficient there is a solution that has been touted by some experts as an at-home, effective way to build the body’s magnesium stores without intravenous IV therapy – introducing, Ionic Magnesium (now with CHD clinically tested Fulvic-Acid)!


      Combatting Impaired Absorption With Ionic Magnesium from Complete Ascentials™

      Magnesium supplementation is essential to combat this widespread deficiency epidemic.  The conundrum is that most individuals who are magnesium deficient also have impaired absorption, making a bad situation even worse.  Your body’s cells require magnesium to activate the biochemical pathway that takes up magnesium.  A solution is required that provides magnesium in a near-100% absorbable form and instantly begins replenishing the body’s reserves without losing any momentum.  Complete Ascentials™ Magnesium formula comes to the rescue with Ionic-magnesium enhanced with our trademark AscentialFulvic™ – a patented CHD Fulvic-Acid in water energized with 6 Ancient Solfeggio Tones.


      Saturating The Cells With Bioavailable Magnesium and Supporting The Healing of DNA – is it a possibility?

      We know that our cGMP certified, Ionic-sized magnesium is the most readily available and absorbable form we could possibly source in our Complete Ascentials™ Magnesium formula.  We also made sure clinically tested CHD Fulvic-Acid was included in our solution to increase the bioavailability and enhance the overall value with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and immune supporting minerals.  Finally, since quantum physics has discovered that there is no empty space in the human cell, and a human cell is an electric-magnetic field of possibility and potential, we use sound-frequencies to complete our exclusive delivery system.  Our proprietary AscentialFulvic™ pioneers into new territory with the merging of 6 Ancient Solfeggio Tones, including the 528Hz frequency (called the ‘LOVE’ frequency by Dr. Len Horowitz) being used today by biochemists for DNA repair.

      Complete Support For Your Cells Is Available In Our Complete Ascentials™ Core Ascential Kit:

      Combine Complete Ascentials™ Magnesium with our Electrolyte PRO and Beyond Whole Food Multi-Vitamin by purchasing our ‘Core Ascential Kit’, supporting the body with an Ionic-sized, nearly 100% absorbable, Complete Kit featuring 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, in every daily serving.  This is a foundation that we believe is an excellent starting place for achieving and/or maintaining optimal well being without the guesswork.  This kit offers a substantial savings and a plethora of value with the highest bioavailable minerals and whole food sourced multi-vitamins.  Each individual formula is infused with our proprietary AscentialFulvic™ and this kit is designed to provide a simple and effective solution to address deficiency and toxicity at the cellular level – The Complete Ascentials™ Core Ascential Kit.


      Maximize Your Benefits by Adding Our Complete Ascentials™ RNA Ascential Kit:

      To experience maximum benefit from Complete Ascentials™ Magnesium, also consider adding our ‘RNA Ascential Kit’.  RNA influences DNA and our Complete Ascentials™ RNA Drops and RNA Spray may assist the body in supporting human potential at the cellular level with Holoresonant, Pharmaceutical-Grade, M-State Advanced Minerals in a Pharmaceutical-Grade Custom Probiotic Matrix that is unlike anything out there.  We take our quality and research and development seriously, bringing forth what we believe to be the highest standard in product-excellence when it comes to supporting Human Potential and Well-Being.  Experience Complete Ascentials™ RNA DROPS with RNA Spray and feel the difference!


      ** These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Complete Ascentials products are not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure disease.